Now that AFI’s New Fast Track Certification Course is now complete we’re looking volunteers to beta-test AFI’s new personal trainer course!
We poured blood, sweat, and tears into making this a first-rate certification course and now we’re eager to get it out to the general public.
Before we launch it to the general public we are urgently looking for 75 volunteers to test out the new course and share their feedback!
About the course:
The new course design uses the neuro-science of Spiral Learning. That means each lesson reviews while builds on the last one. This way students learn everything they need with lightning speed.
Using neuroscience to teach the core fundamentals and get students certified faster is just one of the really cool things about the new course. 
So to give the course the fanfare it truly deserves, AFI also built the new course a brand new website too! The new website and Fast Track Certification Course will help students certify faster. Now students can get certified in weeks… even if they struggled getting certified in the past.
But before we launch it to the public, we first want your help to beta-test the new site and course experience.
We’re looking for 75 volunteers to test out the new course, and share their feedback.
We need your help as a beta-tester to prove how effective AFI’s new certification program is.  Volunteers will get a new certification and we get your results and feedback. It’s a perfect win-win.
To qualify for this opportunity you must be:
• 18 years of age or older
• Commit to completing the course
• Share your results and feedback
If you said “YES” to all three criteria…YOU qualify to enroll. It’s that simple.
Hi, I’m Evan, Certified Personal Trainer and CEO of the American Fitness Institute.
Before I got all my fancy certifications I was a student.
So I know the pain and frustration of signing up for a course to get certified…
How in the beginning getting started feels good…
Only to experience life getting in the way of the course… then struggling to restart and finish the course.
It’s hard to take a certification course while going to school, or working while trying to have a life. It’s especially hard when that course gets filled with extra fluff you don’t need. The reason other courses are over-priced and take so long to finish is they’re filled with fluff.
Here’s a few example of course fluff trainers so you know exactly what I mean:
• how often eyes blink (approx 20 times a minute)
• how many tastebuds are on the tongue (8,000)
• how many skin cells you shed a minute (30,000)
• how many sweat-pores the body has (2.5 million)
Those are real examples of useless fluff you may find in other courses that you will NOT find in the new AFI course!
While it may be fascinating that how lymphatic vessels move lymph fluid moves to capillaries… it’s information that exceeds the trainer’s scope of practice. 
It’s exactly the kind of fluff you won’t find in AFI’s new Fast Track Certification Course.
The extra padding added to other courses makes them dull and hard to take.
We said no to fluff and created the new AFI Fast Track Certification Course so students can finish the course in a few weeks – fluff free!
Everyone who volunteers to beta-test the course will receive:
• certification upon completeion
• learn how to train clients safely and with more confidence
• dedicated online student support
Plus you will be the first students to ever see the new course!
There’s massive demand for certified personal trainers and AFI’s new Fast Track Certification will make it easier for trainers to get started.
Before we launch it to the public, we first need your help as a beta-tester.
By now you may be thinking, “what exactly is a beta test and what do they do?” Beta-testers take the course, just like regular students, then share their feedback. That’s it!
Ready to Volunteer as a Beta-tester? Click here to apply
*Disclosure: this will close as soon as spots are filled.